Music That Matters.

Good afternoon!  I’ve been in the process of tearing my blog down and rebuilding it into my new website platform; so there hasn’t been much to see here at, as of late.  I’m breaking radio silence (or, I guess, Internet-silence) to bring you this message, though, because it’s just too timely to wait.  In the future, you’ll be able to read stuff like this from me under a section dedicated to art and culture.

Before we get started, check this out: The Sound of Silence

(You can buy it here on iTunes:

The only thing better than Jenny & Tyler’s cover of “The Sound of Silence” would be a whole album of Simon & Garfunkel covers by Jenny & Tyler! Seriously, imagine what they would do with “Bridge Over Troubled Water” or “Mrs. Robinson.” [Pause for imagination…]

To top off the greatness that is this recording, all the proceeds are going to International Justice Mission. So buying this song makes your ears happy AND fights human trafficking, and that, my friends, is precisely why I love these artists; that’s why you should love them, and that’s why we should support them. If the Church is going to reclaim art and redeem it for the glory of God, then what Jenny & Tyler Somers are doing with “The Sound of Silence” is exemplary leadership. We desperately need skillfully-crafted art–initiated, authored, sponsored, and promoted by Christians–which moves people to a greater appreciation of God and to joining Him in His redemptive action in the world.

The kind of arrangement and production that went into this cover makes me particularly excited about their upcoming album!  After digging into three of their new songs (which you can get, along with ALL of Jenny & Tyler’s last album “Faint Not,” FOR FREE right here:, I’m thinking this album, reportedly releasing in the near future, will likely be one of those listen-to-it-over-and-over kinds of records.  If you combine the epic arrangement we’ve come to appreciate in everything these two touch with the beautiful, deep, moving lyrics of these new songs, and then add in some expectant hope inaugurated by the masterful musicianship and smart instrumentation of “The Sound of Silence,” the next record that Jenny & Tyler release will likely be a game-changer for them and a must-have for everyone who appreciates quality art by and for Christians.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Buy “The Sound of Silence” to help end human trafficking.
  2. Repost, Tweet, or ‘Like’ my review of “The Sound of Silence” (here or on iTunes), rate the song, &/or write your own review.
  3. Download “Faint Not (full album) + 3 New Songs” COMPLETELY FOR FREE!
  4. Tell EVERYONE you know about Jenny & Tyler’s terrific art and ministry!

Thanks for sharing your lunch break with me today! Until next time,



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