Rain For Roots Does It Again!

By “does it again,” I of course mean “help shape our children’s minds while simultaneously blowing ours.”

Tonight after EV, our 2 1/2 year old, practiced her catechism questions, we sang two of her favorite songs for approximately the bazillionth and bazillionth-and-a-half time, respectively, and then I came and sat down at the computer with Graham (our 7 month old) and started listening to “Open Our Eyes” while typing with Graham in my lap, and let’s just put his initial thoughts on the album this way:

Before the song started, he was crying.  When the music began, he stopped crying–instantly.  Now that Flo Paris is telling us about the wise and foolish builders, he’s nearly got his sock pulled off, and he’s doing his version of singing and bobbing his enormous head–it’s, needless to say, an utter joy to experience.

Since “Big Stories for Little Ones,” my wife and I have been hoping we’d hear more from Rain for Roots for our little ones, because, as I said of that first album, kids’ music that’s enjoyable for parents, too, is just so hard to come by.  The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This certainly lives up to expectations for listenability.  True story: I’ve already listened to it on my way to work, and will again tomorrow!

If you’re anything like me, then the content of the songs we teach our kids matters a lot, too–even more than the music.  This album is all about Jesus’ parables on the Kingdom of Heaven, and I can’t wait until EV starts singing these songs and letting their eternal truth sink into her little mind and heart.

Last thing: the digital album download includes simple chord charts and lyrics for each song; so YAHTZEE! Even if you don’t play music for a living, just a basic knowledge of how to play a guitar will have you leading your kids in terrific songs about the Kingdom of Heaven in no time!  Here’s where you ought to go right now to pick it up: rainforroots.bandcamp.com


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